Thursday, February 6, 2014

CTMH Picture My Life (PML)

Leave it to Close To My Heart to come up with yet another product that lives up to their mission statement, “…..preserve and share the moments that matter most.”  CTMH has developed a scrapbooking program called “Picture My Life.”

Picture My Life, or PML, is a program design to help you easily and creatively get those treasured photos off the phone or out of the box and onto pages that everyone can enjoy.  I’ve got to tell you, I hate when someone says to me “Here look at the pictures” and they had me their phone.  I can’t see it well and what the heck do you do if it rings?  Surprised smile

At first, I was a skeptic.  I don’t want to just shove pictures in pockets and intermix a few hokey pre-printed cards.  Then, I received the CTMH Balloon Ride (Z1948) Program.  OMG…I was enthralled, mesmerized and ecstatic.  The cards are high quality, varied and offer an opportunity to embellish and journal.  Here is what you will get in any of the 8 theme styled programs…
44 -  4 x 6 cards (portrait and landscape)
78 – 3 x 4 cards (portrait and landscape)
1 – 12 x 12 cover sheet to personalize (exclusive to CTMH)
10 – 12 x 12 Memory Protectors (styles include pocket sheets that have room for both landscape and portrait photos and cards.
And, the best part is you get all this for $24.99!  Wow…

So, if you are around my age, you have box after box of photos taken over the years.  In all reality, it is a pipe dream to think that you will ever get them scrapbooked.  Upon receiving my kit, I immediately set out to find a box to work with.  I knew what I wanted…those pictures taken in the “90’s” of trips taken with my Mom.  Several years in a row, we left the “boys” at home and headed out on a Mother Daughter adventure.  We saw such wonderful things and the pictures are just sitting in a box. Sad smile
I am having such a wonderful time reliving those trips.  I was working with pictures that I hadn’t seen in years!
Here we are at the Grand Canyon.  Wow…  What is really nice about the program is that you are not trapped by just putting photos into pockets.  If you look closely at the middle row, the pictures on either end is actually one photo.  I cropped it down the middle to fit with the pockets and cards!
Here is another one…It is recommended that you use a 50/50 mix of photos and cards.  See how easily you eye moves around the page?  The possibilities are endless.  You could add embellishments on the cards, add a full page or do whatever you would like to create your book.

Now, many of us also have photos “stuck” on their phones and tablets.  Ugh, like I said earlier…how do you share them and is it really fun to just scroll on a tiny little screen?  There are several programs out there that you can use to print those memories.  I spent a little time researching the possibilities.

1.  There are apps that allow you send the photos to a printing site and they will send them to your doorstep.  There are even apps out there that for a small monthly fee, will allow you to mark a photo as a favorite and once a month you are sent printed copies.  No more excuses that you are too busy or you forgot!  Take a look at something called Picture Postie or Print Free.  I’ve not used them so I don’t know about the service but it is worth further investigation.

2.  Several Drug Stores and Big Box stores also have apps and programs that allow you to send the pictures to the selected store and then in an hour go pick them up.

3.  Or, you can do it the “old fashioned” way…the way I’ve done it.  I email the picture to my self, edit as I want and then print from my computer or take a thumb drive to the drug store.

So, if you’ve got this…
or this…
or so many pictures on your phone, take a look at CTMH’s Picture My Life Scrapbooking Program.  I am completely blown away by the possibilities and looking forward to doing so much more with my old photos.  Think about it, do you have photos “wasting” away?  Stop by my website to look at the other themes available.  For Now, Happy Crafting!

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